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About us

Rugby League Norge are the governing body for the sport of Rugby League in Norway. RLN are member of International Rugby League and the Rugby League European Federation. Rugby League is recognized as a sport through the Norwegian Rugby Federation by the Norwegian Sport Association. RLN have a cooperation agreement with NRF that safeguards the development of Rugby League in Norway. 

We have clubs for Bardufoss in the north to Farsund in the south. Every year we conduct a national series and assist our clubs with the development of the sport. Our main focus is development of Rugby League for kids and youth. Our national team is one of Europes best national teams.



Rugby League in Norway

Rugby League was played for the first time in Norway in 2009. Lillestrøm Lions and Oslo Capitals were the first two clubs to play the sport in Norway. The first full season was played in 2010 with Oslo Capitals as winners. Since then, we have developed to have 14 clubs playing Rugby League.

To the play the National XIII series, RLN requires that clubs have a fuctioning club board, healthy economy and minimum of 25 active members. This means that we both have a national series and several regional development series. In addition to this, we have an extra focus on developing Rugby League for kids and youth. 



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