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Rugby League in Norway

Rugby League is a contact sport played by 2 teams consisting of 13 players. The goal is to carry the ball over the opponents try line, where you ground the ball to score a "try". The defending team's goal is to stop the opponents by tackling the player carrying the ball.

Rugby League activities in Norway

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Rugby League Norge's logo and download link to press statement

Rugby League Wheelchair National Team Head Coach 21.12.2020

Press statement regarding the employment of Martin Beddis as head coach for the national Norwegian Rugby League Wheelchair team.

Rugby League Norge's logo and download link to press statement

RLN elects new president 02.11.2020

At tonights extraordinary AGM a new president was elected by RLN!

Rugby League Norge's logo and download link to press statement

Sparebankstiftelsen 11.09.2019

Sparebankstiftelsen DNB grants 1.750.000 NOK to Rugby League Norway!

Rugby League in Norway

Rugby League was first played in Norway in 2009. Lillestrøm Lions and Oslo Capitals were the first two clubs to play the sport in Norway. The first full season was played in 2010, which Oslo Capitals won.
Since then we have developed to having 14 clubs that in some shape or form play Rugby League.

To play in our domestic XIII's competition, RLN demands a functioning club board, healthy economy and a minimum number of active members. Due to this, we currently have a national competition and a regional development series. In addition to this, we are putting extra efforts into developing Rugby League for children and youths.

Image of RLN's national team standing in a circle

Previous winners of national XIII's series

Grand Final Winner:
2010: Oslo Capitals - Lillestrøm Lions Oslo Capitals
2011: Tromsø Polar Bears - Flisbyen Broncos Tromsø Polar Bears
2012: Oslo Capitals - Bodø Barbarians Oslo Capitals
2013: Oslo Capitals - Bodø Barbarians Oslo Capitals
2014: Oslo Capitals - Flekkefjord Tigers Oslo Capitals
2015: Bodø Barbarians - Flisbyen Broncos Bodø Barbarians
2016: Trondheim Rugbyklubb - Bodø Barbarians Trondheim Rugbyklubb
2017: Stavanger Storm - Porsgrunn Pirates Stavanger Storm
2018: Stavanger Storm - Trondheim Rugbyklubb Stavanger Storm
2019: Stavanger Storm - Oslo Capitals Shared victory due to cancelled game (COVID-19)

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