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Rugby League is a contact sport played by two teams consisting of 13 players. The game is played on a rectangular field what is usually 68 metres wide and 112-122 metres long. Rugby League is one of several rugby sports, and has its origin in Northern England in 1895.
That is when Rugby League split from the Rugby Football Union due to disagreements regarding monetary compensation for the players. The rules in Rugby League has since developed with the goal of creating a more fast paced and entertaining sport.

In Rugby League you score points by carrying the ball over the opposition goal line and grounding the ball. This is called a "try", and award 4 points. When you score a try, you are also granted an attempt at doing a "conversion kick". A "conversion kick" is a free kick where you attempt to kick the ball above the horizontal goal post, and between the vertical goal posts. If you succeed, you are awarded an additional 2 points. You can therefore gain 6 points from a "converted try".

The opposition tries to stop the attacking team by tackling the player carrying the ball. If the opposition is successful in tackling the attacking team 6 times, the ball is turned over to the defending team, who then proceed to attack to try and score a "try". The ball may only be thrown sideward or backwards.

Rugby League is played internationally, mainly in Europe, Australia, Asia- and the Pacific Islands, and is governed by International Rugby League (IRL).

This video has a short, but good explanation of Rugby League:
Rugby League is a sport for everyone. It does not matter if you are slim or large, strong or fast, a child or an adult. There will always be a position for you on the field, and a role for you in the club culture.
Currently RLN has Rugby League for men and children, and we are working on developing Rugby League for women and wheelchair users.
We are doing this so that YOU may have the opportunity to play the best sport in the world; Rugby League.
Rugby League demands very little equipment. All you need is a mouthguard, and it is recommended to use soccer shoes, as games are played on a grass pitch.
You can use the map below to find your closest Rugby League club. Are you unable to find any clubs nearby? Read more about how you can start your own Rugby League club here.

You can find "Laws of the Game" on IRL's website here
You can become a member of your local Rugby League club by signing up through "Min Idrett"
For profesionally produced Rugby League media you can watch the australian league "National Rugby League", or the english league "Super League". If you want to follow your local Rugby League club you can search for them on SolidSport, where local games will be livestreamed.

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